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Listening to:  Kanye West  ”Yeezus”  (released 2013)

Album length / Painting time:  40:01

Familiarity with the album:  I think this was the first time I’d heard it through.

Recommended by:  Jeff

Painting size: 16X20″

This might be one of the most successful ones I’ve done.  Someone suggested that my paintings might be more honest when they’re of music that is unfamiliar or unusual to me.  Yeezus is that.  Yeezus.

Random Access memories

Listening to:  Daft Punk  ”Random Access Memories”  (released 2013)

Album length / Painting time:  74:24

Familiarity with the album:  It was still pretty fresh.

Recommended by:  Jeff

Painting size: 16X20″

Don't Fall in Love With Everyone You See

Listening to:  Okkervil River ”Don’t Fall in Love with Everyone You See”  (released 2002)

Album length / Painting time:  46:13

Familiarity with the album:  I think I knew all of the songs pretty well,  but not in album form.

Recommended by:  Colin Kincaid

Painting size: 16X20″


Listening to:  Sigur Rós “Takk”  (released 2005)
Album length / Painting time:  65:32
Familiarity with the album:  I had heard some of it before,  but hadn’t given it enough attention yet.
Recommended by:  Kyle
Painting size: 16X20″

Extraordinary Machine

Listening to: Fiona Apple  ”Extraordinary Machine”  (released 2005)
Album length / Painting time:  50:34
Familiarity with the album:  I was… mildly.
Recommended by:  Biz
Painting size: 16X20″


Listening to:  Baths  “Cerulean”  (released 2010)

Album length / Painting time:  43:24

Familiarity with the album:  My second listen.

Recommended by:  Jeremy

Painting size: 16X20″

39 Smooth
Listening to: Green Day ”1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours”  (released 1990…  On my 7th birthday)
Album length / Painting time:  31:13
Familiarity with the album:  I know it very well.
Recommended by:  Julia
Painting size: 16X20″
This album holds a special place in our hearts and our friendship,  but when Julia suggested that I paint it,  I was skeptical.  I do not consider it to be a very visual album.  But I did it…  and just look here.  That totally looks like what the album sounds like,  no?
Listening toRed Hot + Rio (released 1996)
Album length / Painting time: 70:03
Familiarity with the album: My friend Liz bought me this CD in high school,  because I was in love with David Byrne and Marisa Monte’s version of The Waters of March.  I probably listened to it 500 times in high school and college,  and now I have recently rediscovered this tasty album.
Recommended by: Me (but thanks Liz)
Painting size: 22X28″
Red Hot + Rio is a bossa nova compilation album,  released through the Red Hot Organization (RHO),  ”a not-for-profit international organization dedicated to fighting AIDS through pop culture”.  More info on RHO here.
Listening toJeff Buckley ”Grace” (released 1994)
Album length / Painting time: 51:44
Familiarity with the album: Painted on my second listen.  Man,  what a gnarly album!
Recommended by: Aaron
Painting size: 22X28″
Animal Joy
Listening to: Shearwater ”Animal Joy” (released 2012)
Album length / Painting time:43:05
Familiarity with the album: I was getting to know and leaning to love this album.
Recommended by: Jeff
Painting size: 24X36″
Side Notes: 

  • On canvas.  These might all be on canvas from here on out.
  • Interestingly,  I was not wild about this painting when I made it.  I considered painting the album again,  but felt it would be a little dishonest.  I stashed it away for a few months (during which I listened to Animal Joy quite a bit),  then pulled the painting back out,  and realized that it looked exactly like the album sounded.  And I think I love it.
  • Listen to this album.  It’s pretty magnificent.
Listening toTom Waits ”Mule Variations” (released 1999)
Album length / Painting time:70:30
Familiarity with the album: We’re old buddies
Recommended by: Gin
Painting size: 24X36″
Side Note: On canvas.  A big canvas!  There’s some pencil and marker happening with paint, here.
Listening to: Radiohead “The King of Limbs” (released 2011)
Album length / Painting time:37:24
Familiarity with the album: First time.
Recommended by:Jeff
Painting size: 12X30″
Wedding gift for T&S
I think these will all be on canvas from now on.
Listening toThe Velvet Underground & Nico (released 1967)
Album length / Painting time: 48:51
Familiarity with the album: I completely forgot…  I bought this album in college and listened to it quite a bit.  For some reason,  I thought I’d be going into this one a little raw-er.  Funny how we get old and forget things,  isn’t it?
Recommended by: Anneliese
Painting size: 24X30″
This was my second commission!  YES!  Keep them coming.  My friend, Playwright/Director/Actor Anneliese Toft commissioned this for her boyfriend.
Yellows.  Any thoughts on the yellows of my painting vs. the yellow banana on the cover of the album?  Sadly,  my lemons/flowers will not peel off the canvas to reveal anything like this underneath.
Canvas.  I love these on canvas.  I think i might stop being cheap and paint on canvas, and quit it with the paper.  I don’t know why I ever abandoned canvas.  When I finished this one,  I wanted to hang it right up on my own wall.

Listening to: Ladytron “Velocifero” (released 2008)
Album length / Painting time: 54:29
Familiarity with the album: I had listened to it once, 5 days earlier.
Recommended by: Megan
Painting size: 24X30″
This was my first commission! I was so excited to be asked to paint this album! It’s a Christmas present for a friend’s friend though, so sssshhhhhh. Don’t say you saw it.
Also, this is on canvas and is a bit larger than the other pieces, and I am extremely pleased with it. I think that it both captures the way I visualize this album and also stands alone as a piece of art that someone will (hopefully… fingers crossed) want to hang on his wall.
Okay folks, I am open for business. Would you like me to paint “Dark Side of The Moon” for your uncle? Just ask! As always, I can be contacted at .
Happy holidays!

Listening to: The Weakerthans “Left and Leaving” (released 2000)
Album length / Painting time: 51:46
Familiarity with the album: Oh my I sure do love this album
Recommended by: Meeeee
Painting size: 20X26″
It’s a liiiiittle poopy,  right?  But at the same time,  it kind of feels like the album (which is not poopy).

Listening to: The Who “Tommy” (released 1969)
Album length / Painting time: 74:00
Familiarity with the album: I don’t think I’d ever heard the whole thing though.
Recommended by: Valerie
Painting size: 18X24″
Side Note: There may have been some preconceived visuals here… well, poo poo poo- I think it’s nice.

Listening to:  Shearwater “Winged Life” (released 2004)
Album length / Painting time: 52:14
Familiarity with the album:  A recent friend, but already a familiar one.
Recommended by:  Jeff&Adie
Painting size:  18X24″

Listening to:
George Harrison “All Things Must Pass” (released 1970)
Album length / Painting time: 105:59 (that’s a long album)
Familiarity with the album: Very familiar
Recommended by: Sarah
Painting size: 20X26″

George is a great love of my life. I was so excited when Sarah recommended this album. “All Things Must Pass” is long and exceptional and important. I was nervous to paint it, but I’m pleased with the result.  Also, I’m back. Let’s paint music.

Listening to: Neko Case “Blacklisted” (released 2002)
Album length / Painting time: 37:18
Familiarity with the album: Didn’t know it.
Recommended by: Anna
Painting size: 20X26″
Though I wasn’t familiar with the album, I feel like I captured my experience of it.  The whole thing felt like fireflies and grass to me and,  well…

My friend Dante Lima wrote a really lovely piece about Seeing From Hearing on his blog! Dante is a talented writer and musician from Gainesville, FL who writes a local music blog called Hear In Gainesville.   He is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about music, and has given me a lot of insight into the albums I’ve painted.

Check out his piece here:
Hear In Gainesville: Seeing From hearing

And even if you’re not in Gainesville,   you should check out his other posts;  he’s got some fantastic pieces on there,  and he might even turn you on to your new favorite band!

Listening to: Joanna Newsom “Ys” (released 2006)
Album length / Painting time: 55:38
Familiarity with the album: I was ignorant. I didn’t know.
Recommended by: Andrew
Painting size: 20X26″

There used to be a video of me painting this.  It was lost in translation to my new website.  I’ll try to get it back up…
Listening to: The Postal Service “Give Up” (released 2003)
Album length / Painting time: 44:59
Familiarity with the album: I love this album! These songs are College for me.  It’s my “I’m going out tonight,  I live in a big city,  I’m not gonna sleep,  I’m an artist” album.
Recommended by: I’m giving Julia the credit on this one (thanks for all the music)!
Painting size: 20X26″
Out of curiosity,  I just did an image search for the  album cover- which I had actually never seen before- and it’s kind of great:  simple,  but it works.

Listening to:
Fleet Foxes “Fleet Foxes” (released 2008)

Album length / Painting time: 39:15
Familiarity with the album: I know it pretty well, actually. I surprised myself.
Recommended by: Elliot
Painting size: 20X26″

Listening to:
Nick Drake “Pink Moon” (released 1972)
Album length / Painting time: 28:22
Familiarity with the album: Familiar.
Recommended by: Chris
Painting size: 20X26″

Listening to:
The Beach Boys “Pet Sounds” (released 1965)
Album length / Painting time: 35:58
Familiarity with the album: Honestly? I had never listened to it.
Recommended by: Jeff L., Dante, Laura, Biz
Painting size: 20X26″

Okay, so:
  It’s one of the most influential records of all time.  I know that.  Maybe it’s just my association with these songs as singular entities being pounded into my brain by the oldies station…  Perhaps.  It’s just not moving me.  “God Only Knows” is certainly a beautiful song,  but I don’t find this album particularly inspiring.  I like it alright.  But it’s not rubpaintallovermybodyinaswoon-worthy.My boyfriend was with me when I worked on this piece,  and he felt the same way.  When the album was done,  he joked,  ”The Beach Boys? More like Shitty Vampire Weekend”,  which comment I proceeded to post on Facebook,  for its hilarity.  I never expected the backlash that resulted.  There were too many comments and discussions to post it all,  but here are some favorites:
Things got a little heated.  My conclusion?  People are really passionate about the music they love.  So am I!  Though I have never felt “right” for liking something,  while someone else was “wrong” for being unmoved by it.  I LOVE Tom Waits.  I think he is brilliant,  but I know a lot of people who will take a BIG PASS on Tom.  He doesn’t do it for everyone.  Sgt. Pepper doesn’t even do it for everyone!  Pet Sounds will probably be a North Star for fans and musicians for ages,  but others will simply live and die for…  whatever they want.  Vampire Weekend.  And fair enough.


Listening to:
Andrew Bird “Andrew Bird & The Mysterious Production of Eggs” (released 2005)
Album length / Painting time: 53:24
Familiarity with the album: Quite familiar.
Recommended by: Laura
Painting size: 20X26″
There used to be a video of me painting this.  It was lost in translation to my new website.  I’ll try to get it back up…


Listening to: Regina Spektor “Begin to Hope” (released 2006)
Album length / Painting time: 47:15
Familiarity with the album: Familiar with all of the songs,  but not in album form.
Recommended by: Me.  I was curious.
Painting size: 20X26″
Side note: I can NOT listen to “Samson” or “Summer in the City” without crying.  It isn’t possible.  In fact, I haven’t been listening to Regina much since I realized what she does to me.  There are literally tears in this painting.
Listening to: Neutral Milk Hotel “In the Aeroplane over the Sea” (released 1998)
Album length / Painting time: 39:51
Familiarity with the album: Vaaaaaaaague familiarity
Recommended by: Brian, the Great Music Recommender.  And a nod to Dante for The Talk.
Painting size: 20X26″
Side note: This is the first piece that I’m really questioning.  Up until now,  I have mostly felt that my images were right-on (for me)…  but I almost feel like this album is too complicated.  I also don’t know the album very well,  and am overwhelmed.  What do you think?
Listening to:  Kate Bush “The Whole Story” (released 1986, songs recorded 1977-1986)
Album length / Painting time:  48:53
Familiarity with the album:  LOVED IT in high school.  Haven’t heard it in a while.
Recommended by:  Me.  I once painted “Hounds of Love” in a high school art class.
Painting size:  21X30″
Side note:  This is a compilation album.  Valid for the project?  I think so.
Listening to:  The Moody Blues  “A Question of Balance” (released 1970)
Album length / Painting time:  38:35
Familiarity with the album:  It’s been with me for years,  though not prominently.
Recommended by:  me.  A very visual album.
Painting size:  18X24″
Side note:  How bad is my camera?  SO BAD.
Listening to:  Grizzly Bear “Veckatimest” (released 2008)
Album length / Painting time:  52:02
Familiarity with the album:  mmm, I THINK I had MAYBE heard a couple songs before.
Recommended by:  Dante
Painting size:  20X26″
Side note: Some of the paintings are extremely difficult to photograph with my crappy camera.

Listening to:  Bright Eyes “Digital Ash in a Digital Urn” (released 2005)
Album length / Painting time:  50:05
Familiarity with the album:  I know that stuff
Recommended by:  moi
Painting size:  20X26″

Listening to:  Fred Thomas “Sink Like a Symphony” (released 2006)
Album length / Painting time:  48:55
Familiarity with the album:  My favorite album.  If you’ve never heard it,  you should.  Click his name to hear some tunes.  Click HERE to buy it.
Recommended by:  my heart and brain
Painting size:  18X24″

Listening to:  Radiohead‘s “In Rainbows” (released 2007)
Album length / Painting time:  42:43
Familiarity with the album:  Vague familiarity
Recommended by:  Jeff
Painting size:  20X26″

Listening to:  Tom Waits’ “Alice” (released 2002)
Album length / Painting time:  48:23
Familiarity with the album:  We go way back.
Recommended by:  all me
Painting size:  20X26″

Listening to:  Shearwater‘s “The Golden Archipelago” (released 2010)
Album length / Painting time:  38:11
Familiarity with the album:  Know it
Recommended by: Jeff
Painting size:  16X30″

Listening to:  Shearwater ‘s “Rook” (released 2008)
Album length / Painting time:  38:18
Familiarity with the album:  First time listen
Recommended by:  Jeff
Painting size:  20X26″